On Emotional Eating, Perfectionism, Nice Boys/ Gals Syndrome- Karen Koenig with Imi Lo


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Do you sometimes eat even when you are not hungry, but just feel bored, angry or empty?

Are you chronically stressed because you try to be perfect all the time?

My conversation with emotional eating expert Karen Koenig ends up being not just about eating, but our deeply unconscious patterns and personality tendencies that hold us back, such as perfectionism and what she calls nice boys and girls syndrome.

This conversation was both intimate and practical. We shared some of our journeys, and Karen offered great tips you can immediately use to get off the emotional roller coaster.

Whether or not you think you struggle with emotional eating, I think you will learn a lot from this.


Karen R. Koenig, is a licensed psychotherapist, motivational speaker and international author who has specialised in the field of compulsive, emotional and restrictive eating for more than 30 years.

She is a co-founder of the Greater Boston Collaborative for Body Image and Eating Disorders and a former member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Multi-service Eating Disorder Association of Massachusetts.

During the past three decades, she has taught and made presentations to many venues from adult education centres to the Business Women's Association.

Among other publications, her essays and articles have appeared in numerous journals and magazines. Among three of her books, there are ten foreign-language translations.


Website: https://www.karenrkoenig.com

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