When Your Client Is a Doula and Plans a Home Birth


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Amadoma Bediako had been a birthworker in New York City since the 70's, but she still felt a little intimidated when another doula asked her to be the doula at their home birth.

If you'd like to connect with Amadoma, or if you're interested in attending any of Amadoma's trainings, you can learn more by emailing her at doulatraining@gmail.com

Sevonna (the birthing parent) put together a version of the multi-page birth plan Amadoma referenced, which now serves as a guidebook for pregnant parents via Sanctuary Birth Inc. While still a work in progress, Sevonna has generously shared this resource with us, and you can view it at the following link:


Amadoma would like to thank Sevonna and Quazzy for allowing her to share their birth journey with them.

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