Activate with Regan Day 5


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It’s Day 5. The last day in our series of five, powerful, potent activations that are all about re-calibrating yourself, in these most extraordinary of times. So that you can step into a place of living into the highest version of yourself.

On Day 5 in Activating with Regan, we will cement and consolidate the work that you've done so far in these dynamic sessions. If you haven’t followed the series, go back and upskill yourself, over episodes 1 through to 5, as these sessions do all build on each other.

You’ll be guided through how to consolidate and accelerate and bring the most powerful version of you to the table. It’s about aligned action, aligned to your vision, aligned with your deep internal frequency. As we know, your frequency is your currency. It needs to be in alignment. It’s not just about doing, doing,’s all about aligned action. It’s the energetic architecture piece coming into play.

Day 5 of Activating with Regan is a powerful activation and visualisation, designed to layer up each and every aspect of your being. The emotional, the physical, the intellectual….for the most potent of visualisations, future shaping manifestations and energetic outcomes.

Step up and tune in to this continuing series of powerful, potent activations.

Enjoy listening!

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