The Universe Has Our Back with Liza Lomax


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Episode Summary:

Liza Lomax is a life coach who specializes in body image coaching. She helps women eliminate their negative self-talk so they feel beautiful and confident at any weight. Liza coaches from a place of both expertise and personal experience, helping her clients achieve their goals. In this episode, Alissa and Liza discuss the inspiration to start Love Your Body Coaching and how Liza built it into a career, the value of friendship and the secret to manifesting what you want in your life.

Key Takeaways:

00:57 – Alissa welcomes to the podcast Liza Lomax, who shares her journey to self-love through cutting out the negative toxic influences in her life

10:06 – How Liza started and sustained her journey of weight loss

15:12 – Liza expounds on her educational background and her passion for helping people

21:38 – Liza’s Strengths Finder profile

28:23 – The value Liza places on friendship

30:23 – Liza speaks to the ongoing challenges she’s facing, including her own money mindset

41:06 – How Liza identifies and manifests what she wants to see in her life

47:09 – Alissa thanks Liza for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow her


“I knew that there were women out there that suffered and had those same mindset issues that I did. And I wanted to help them. I wanted to help all of them.” (08:42)

“In my heart I knew that there was something that I had to do and it was something for me. And I always knew that somewhere down there I valued myself, even though I didn’t say it externally all the time to myself. I knew that, as a spiritual being and this human body, I knew that I needed to do something and needed to help myself somehow.” (11:47)

“I always helped people. I was always there to help people. I love people. I light up when I talk to people and I’m so passionate about just helping anybody. And that’s really what I did for the longest time – I just helped people.” (16:45)

“Money is energy. We need money.” (32:47)

“Literally, if I see a penny on the ground – I don’t care that it’s a freakin’ penny – I’m gonna pick it up because it’s the universe sending me money.” (41:40)

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