What's it Like to Go Viral? (Guest: Jenn Takahashi, Best of Next Door)


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Jenn Takahashi is a San Francisco-based PR and Comms professional. She also started a viral social media account entitled 'Best of Next Door'. We talk to Jenn about how she started Best of Next Door, the future of online dating, and much much more.

Jenn starts off the interview talking a bit about dating during the pandemic. We ask what the future may hold for interpersonal relationships post COVID, and what it's like going on a 'Zoom' date. Jenn provides some pretty good insight and ideas for those looking to continue to remain on the dating pool during shelter-in-place.

We ask Jenn about Best of Next Door, which she is now very famous for. Best of Next Door started as a social media account with a small following, but grew immensely popular. What were the origin stories of Best of Next Door and how does Nextdoor vary by neighborhood (we dig into SOMA specifically).

We ask Jenn about the Seattle cannon, how she sources posts for Best of Next Door, and much much more. If you're looking for a pandemic project and want to start something that goes viral, you definitely do not want to miss this episode of TIYLISV. Enjoy our first Zoom podcast episode!

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