How To Be The Lion and Become A Master Negotiator with Tim Castle


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In this podcast, I interview the author of the book "Be The Lion" and "The Art of Negotiation", Mr Tim Castle. I first came across Tim's work while I was travelling in Singapore. I was at the airport and saw his book up there on the bookshelf. I read through the book and was amazed with the content. The book "Be The Lion" teaches you the concepts of taking massive action to achieving your most desired goals. His other book "The Art of Negotiation" teaches you the secrets to getting your way in life which could include getting a pay rise, negotiating airline seats and much more. This was a very insightful interview where we delve deep into Tim's mind and uncover what it takes to be the lion and become a master negotiator. To find out more about Tim's work, visit : Stay Strong and Be Relentless. Khoa Bui Website : IG : @khoabuiofficial FB: @thekhoabui Twitter : @khoabui Spotify: iTunes : Amazon :

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