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Today I’m interviewing my co-host on my other podcast, The Seeker and the Skeptic, the marvellous Rebecca Fox. If you haven’t checked our show out already, we’re basically exploring all sorts of belief systems, people and places who tend to divide public opinion. So far we’ve investigated ayahuasca – first hand – we’ve been to an alleged UFO sighting location, we’ve explored the magical land of Glastonbury conversed with Pleidians and much much more. More about that at

She’s also a graphic novel artist – or is it a comic book artist – anyway, we dive into that on the show too. Rebecca tells us all about her creative process, her journey in becoming an artist after no formal training, and much more. Enjoy the show!

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How To Be Reasonable by Rebecca Fox

Murmurs of Doubt by Rebecca Fox

The Seeker and the Skeptic


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