US-China trade tensions: The threats and opportunities for Europe


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For the past few years, the United States and China have been at each other’s throats, with the Trump administration slapping a series of punitive tariffs on Chinese imports and Beijing responding with its own retaliatory measures. The US accuses China of not playing fair when it comes to global trade. So what is it that China has done to incur the wrath of the White House? What lies behind the tensions between Washington and Beijing? And why should Europe care about what is going on? Are there opportunities that UK businesses could exploit, or will they just get caught in the crossfire? To explore the specifics of these trade tensions, Chris Horseman is joined by Jim Rollo, Deputy Director of the UKTPO and Associate Fellow of Chatham House; and Steven McGuire, Dean of the University of Sussex Business School and Fellow of the UKTPO.

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