What is Life Like After Being a Professional Athlete? (Guest: Justin Forsett, Former NFL Pro Bowler)


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Justin Forsett is a former NFL Running Back who hailed from a small town in Florida. Justin's NFL career hit its pinnacle when he made the Pro Bowl. Prior to the NFL, Justin shared the backfield at Cal with Marshawn 'Beast Mode' Lynch. But what is life like after hitting the absolute pinnacle of professional sports? Justin talks about his second act as an entrepreneur.

Justin talks about his days at Cal, and what it was like moving from Florida to Berkeley and the culture shock that ensued. Justin talked about his experience as a student athlete at Cal, which commands both high performance in academia, and high performance on the field. Justin came from abject poverty, and he talks about life in FL, where he was homeless for parts of his childhood.

We talk to Justin about his second act post NFL as an entrepreneur and the Founder of Hustle and Clean - a direct to consumer brand. Justin talks about his motivation behind starting the company while he was still in the NFL.

We hear Justin's take on life in the NFL and what it's like to travel with a team full of athletes who have to keep a curfew. We ask Justin his honest take on whether Jimmy G can help the 49ers win a Super Bowl, and who the toughest guys in the NFL are.

You don't want to miss this special episode of This is Your Life in Silicon Valley. If your'e an entrepreneur, a sports fan, or just a fan of hearing stories about people 'making it' after huge amounts of adversity, this one is for you.

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