103 Better Sex in Later Life


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks about sex in later life with geriatrician Dr. Nicole Didyk, founder of the blog and YouTube channel The Wrinkle. They discuss:

  • How Dr. Didyk learned more about this important topic by connecting with Nathalie Wilton, a social worker and sex therapist who focuses on older adults
  • Why it’s so common for health providers — and older adults — to have low “sexual literacy”, when it comes to aging and sexuality
  • How aging often affects sex and sexuality
  • Common concerns that patients have brought up in her clinical practice
  • What can be done if there is a mismatch in interest between two partners
  • The role of solo sex, toys, and activities other than intercourse
  • How being a hands-on caregiver to your partner can affect sex
  • Special issues that come up when one partner develops a dementia, such as Alzheimer’s
  • Tips on how to maintain and improve sexuality in later life

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Episode Transcript: Better Sex in Later Life
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