S3:E8 – Marie Corelli (Part Two)


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RESOURCES: Branch article on Oscar Wilde’s trials: https://www.branchcollective.org/?ps_articles=andrew-elfenbein-on-the-trials-of-oscar-wilde-myths-and-realities Nick Birch’s website / blog: http://mariecorelli.org.uk/ Resource about one of Corelli’s ghostly appearances: https://www.leslieflint.com/the-cook-sisters-collection Article about Marie Corelli: https://www.thehairpin.com/2017/11/a-metaphysical-history-of-marie-corelli/ Robyn Hallim’s dissertation on Corelli: https://ses.library.usyd.edu.au/bitstream/handle/2123/521/adt-NU20030623.11115902whole.pdf;jsessionid=3DEEEDCF17AF0722BBA2A58AD54D1186?sequence=2 Book titled Revelations of a Spirit Medium which cites Corelli’s article, “Spiritualism: An Exposure

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