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What if we would integrate creative expression into the learning environment? What life lessons might we learn when we begin to dialogue with our Inner Self from a young age? Listen in as guest, Kathy Magnusson shares her passion for engaging young people in creative discovery and supporting teachers and non-profits to go beyond traditional teaching methods to support kids to use their curiosity to explore new ideas. As a parent, have you ever considered yourself a Consultant to your child? Kathy has! Want to understand the difference between a facilitator and a traditional teacher? Kathy shares some of her strategies for engaging young people in leadership training through experiences. Listen in as Kathy describes herself as a Story Listener and how she uses this special skill to help people uncover their strengths. Do you have a favorite board game? There are life lessons in these, too! How 'bout Radical Downtime? Kathy shares her take on what's missing for lots of children, and adults. Wondering how to help your teen with challenging decisions? Listen all the way to the end as Kathy shares a story about her high school age daughter's European opportunity and the dream they created together. RESOURCES:

Wildewood Learning resource letter http://eepurl.com/cGctJ5 Wildewood Learning blog: https://wildewoodlearning.com/blog/ Girls Lead: https://www.peacemakerresources.org/girls-lead.html The Self-Driven Child: http://www.theselfdrivenchild.com/ GUEST PROFILE:

Kathy Magnusson, M. Ed. believes learning is an adventure. She has over 25 years working with youth in a variety of formal and informal settings. Kathy taught for 10 years as a science teacher and has a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota. As owner of Wildewood Learning Coaching and Consulting, Kathy supports educators and youth professionals in designing personalizing learning environments so each student can connect the dots from the classroom to the community and to a career. Through the process of personalized learning, she helps educators to develop self-awareness of their strengths and interests. Creating a ripple effect that changes the process of learning for all. Connect with Kathy via email at: kathy@wildewoodlearning.com or through her website at http://wildewoodlearning.com. HOST PROFILE: Nanette Saylor, Creativity Coach + Possibility Partner, Author, Speaker, Access BARS© Practitioner, Wise Well Women, Inc. An early adopter of Creativity Coaching, Nanette has distinguished herself as a thought-leader among curious creatives. She has curated a growing collection of free spirited allies who make fun featured guests adding their unique stories of nurturing their creativity and curiosity to the conversation. She delights in having connection conversations known as Virtual Coffee. Schedule with Nanette at http://chatwithnanette.com or http://wisewellwomen.com. Curious about something and wish we'd add it to the conversations? Questions? Send an email to nanette@wisewellwomen.com. Join other like-spirited creatives in the Conscious Creators Cafe on Facebook. For more, visit CreatePlayLive.com. Like what you hear? Please subscribe and share. Need help crafting a practice, process or ritual for your creative experience? Connect with Nanette here: http://chatwithnanette.com

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