Work is the New Sex


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People who work at a for-profit organization are likely sleeping with their work. The first thing many Americans do when they wake up: reach for their phone. The eyes are barely open, squinting to adjust to the blue light and one finger scrolling through the emails that were received while asleep.

When asked, “if you read an email immediately upon waking up at 6:00 am, when do you respond?”. The average and most frequent response is “6:01 am”. The majority of for-profit employees are sleeping with their career.

Employers are likely to expect their employees to check their email and engage with vendors, clients, and team members when the email is received. Frequency of communication and the ability to respond quickly are desired abilities by employers, including while the employee is out-of-the-office. The out-of-office auto-reply may be turned on, yet the vacationing employee is not turned off, which signifies an imbalance in life-work balance and the potential quality of output.

Business-to-Business (B2B) clients are likely to engage with their emails while on vacation because they have a fear of missing out, a fear of not being relevant, and a fear of losing their employment.

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