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Get your Instagram questions answered as social media expert, Anna MacFarlane, shares a wealth of information on how to grow your following and build your community. Anna is the woman behind Anna is the Worst, Kids are the Worst, and Things are the Worst. The irony here is Anna is the absolute best! While she started her career in traditional marketing - direct mail (remember that?) - she continued to adapt with the times and has become an expert in the field of social media marketing.

She now has over 500,000 Instagram followers. And, her past experience in marketing allows her to see how social media fits into the overall marketing funnel. This means if you follow her advice on Instagram strategy you'll learn what to do to actually get results instead of just spend time consuming social media posts and funny memes.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why algorithms aren't the devil and how they can actually help you
  • What the real goal of social media marketing is - and the answer isn't "engagement"
  • The importance of being a doer and not a consumer
  • What the 80/20 rule is for Instagram and how it helps you stick with your brand while being real at the same time
  • When and why you would want to archive
  • What you need to know about IGTV and why food bloggers need to be using it
  • The latest on hashtags - How do you use them? How shouldn't you use them?
  • Why you should NEVER buy followers, likes, or comments - DON'T DO IT!!
  • How the 20-minute rule helps you maintain healthy boundaries


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"Everything you're doing online has an algorithm. This isn't a bad word. It's actually awesome. All algorithms are doing is trying to make your experience better and more beneficial to you. And, so you have to work the algorithm to your benefit."

"The goal for social is not what everyone thinks it is. Everyone thinks its engagement. Which is awesome. But, it's not really engagement, it's purchasing, or it's getting people to be part of an event or an organization or a group. But, there's always a goal that's marketing based and that's further and you need to see that social is the top of the funnel of whatever that goal is. Treat it like actual marketing for a brand but also understand where it fits in the funnel."

"It's your responsibility to create your own experience.”

"There is nothing wrong with using hashtags. And, in fact, I highly suggest hashtags because they are one of the easiest ways to get new eyeballs on you."

"Grow slow, grow real, that's how you do it. There's no shortcuts"

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