Be a Sales Leader with Krista S. Moore | Season 4 | Episode 4


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In Episode 4, Michael Barbera explores how organizations can create effective sales leaders with speaker, author and host of The Krista Moore Talk Show...Krista Moore.

If you create a Venn diagram with the left circle labeled as business strategy and the right circle as customer experience, the conjoining area is likely to be the sales team. The sales team is the bridge between revenue objectives and brand engagement. Krista shares her expertise and experience for building an effective sales team that meets KPIs and achieves a satisfied consumer.

Krista Moore is highly recognized as an inspirational speaker and a results-oriented Executive Coach. In 2003 she founded K.Coaching, Inc., after 20 years of Sales Leadership positions. Krista combines her real-life business experiences, certified business coaching, and motivational style to help others achieve outstanding success in their lives and in their careers.

In 2016, Krista land her team launched the IDGrowth Sales Vault™, an online business building learning management system, utilized by thousands of sales professionals, to enhance their sales strategies, training, and leadership development.

This episode is one of two remaining episodes with an interview format before we release the new version of the podcast. Your announcement notification is coming soon.

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