082 Bill Thomas on Housing and Communities for Better Aging


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks with geriatrician Bill Thomas, MD, founder of ChangingAging.org. They discuss his recent efforts to escape from the gerosphere and focus on aging as late-life development, by changing our stories about aging and fostering better housing and communities. They cover:

  • What are the general misconceptions and assumptions of aging
  • Changing the narrative from aging problems to later life development
  • Why housing and communities are engines of independence and are essential to better aging
  • Why we should focus on creating MAGIC: Multi-Ability, multi-Generational, Inclusive Communities
  • What to say to older adults who want to live in homes that aren t serving them well
  • Why you should consider whether your home is future-proofed
  • What is a Minka house
  • Changing Aging s current projects innovating with Minka and MAGIC
  • How and why we should address ableism and ageism, including within ourselves
  • Co-housing and other options for older adults interested in better places to live and grow older

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