074 How Villages Support Aging in Community and Aging in Place


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In This Episode:

Dr. K talks with UC Berkeley Professor Andrew Scharlach about his work studying the Village Model and other approaches to supporting aging in place. He is an expert on creating aging-friendly communities and formerly directed Berkeley’s Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services. They discuss:

  • What is a Village and what’s usually included in the Village model
  • How Villages differ from Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs)
  • The grassroots history of the first Village and the growth of the Village model
  • Why aging in community may be a better goal than aging in place
  • Why Professor Scharlach and his colleagues decided to study Villages, and what they’ve learned so far
  • How Villages appear to benefit their members
  • How the goals and ambitions of Villages have evolved over time
  • How Villages manage funding and other challenges
  • Whether Villages are a good fit for people who are frail or declining
  • Whether Villages really do prevent unwanted relocations

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