Saints Ann and Joachim


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Wow, Patron Saints for grandparents. We know what an important job grand parenting is, God worked especially hard to find this ideal set for Jesus. Born to the tribe of Judah and the royal house of David, Saints Ann and Joachim were a devout, religious couple. They shared a wealthy, comfortable life in Nazareth with plans to be the world's best parents. Their deep faith and close knit family offered just the perfect environment to raise a child of God. But, years slipped by and no babies arrived. Petitions, Prayers and Promises followed! Twenty long years!! Finally, an angel appeared with God's special plan. Ann and Joachim had been selected to raise the beautiful baby girl, they called Mary, who was to be the Virgin Mother of the Christ Child. They were overjoyed and with great love and gratitude devoted their lives to the preparation of their little girl for the greatest honor that could ever be. They fulfilled their promises to God. When Mary was three years old, they made a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem, the day we know as the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They taught and trained their young Mary until she was ready to fulfill her role in the Scriptures. Ann and Joachim are hardly mentioned in Scripture, this private couple, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, grandparents of Jesus Christ, simply fulfilled God's Plan to the best of their ability. How better could they have served Him? Saints Ann and Joachim are celebrated on JuIy 25 as the Patron Saints of Grandparents, Mothers and Fathers and are often viewed in liturgical art as an elderly couple with a book instructing Mary.

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