CPL 02 -Healing Creatively - Finding Joy in Attention to Color, Texture & Dimension


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What if engaging in any form of creative pursuit could heal your life? Today's guest, Artist Gail Butters Cohen, discovered the healing power of art in mid-life. “Creativity sparks some beauty and life within me that was not there otherwise” - she says. Her self-expression unleashed, she is constantly creating, finding joy in spite of chronic, debilitating pain. Learn how Gail's unique training at UF Arts in Medicine Program informs her work today and how she discovered the joy of Happy Accidents. Are there creatures in your clouds? There are in Gail's! Experiencing artist's block? Listen in as Gail shares how she gains strength and inspiration through favorite rituals. online forums and intuitive art instructors. Looking for more? Gail has an invitation for you, created especially for women who are homebound so you can create in comfort. Join her in the Creative HeARths & Healing Circle and follow us on the HeARThlife Circle Playshops Video Series.

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Gail Butters Cohen, Visual Artist and Healing Arts Facilitator


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