Podcast 012: Dave Kaminski


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Dave Kaminski is a professional videographer and the founder of Web Video University, which helps business owners and professionals develop the skills they need to tell their stories using video.

It’s a great resource and so is Dave. We were members for years and found lots of great information in there to help us in our technical development both for ourselves and for our clients.

Video has become one of the most effective marketing tools there is and with the frequency you will need to be producing video content, hiring a full crew won’t always be in the cards.

We love Dave’s program because he breaks things down to be easily understandable and if you’re in a bind he’s there when you need him.

He joins me today to talk about the importance of audio, a look at some of the tools in his toolbox, some upcoming offerings in his classes and a few things you need to know about video marketing right now and in the future.

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