#117 Can Fueling Your Gut Right Make You Superhuman?


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In today's episode, Liz discusses the gut microbiome and it's importance in our lives.

Her question is this...

With all the new research coming out about our gut being the "2nd brain" can we... is it possible… that we can become superhuman if we fuel our gut the right way?

Only the super curious, con-creative, nerdy, conscious & soul expansion freaks like me will enjoy this podcast.

Hey… you never know, you may be a nerd like me too… give the show a listen!

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Liz Loves: Paleo nutrition and all things organic, healthy, SOUL, and FUN.

Liz Nierzwicki is a Mind/Body Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Author, & Host
Human Transcendence and soul expanding epiphanies abound. Enjoy Liz’s spiritual and creative thinking which explores psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, exercise and nutrition science, and neural linguistic programming of human consciousness in order to transcend beyond our current reality.
Liz is the international bestselling author of the book Happy Healthy Fit: Transform Your Life in 90-Days with the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program which guides readers on how they too can change their health, break their bad habits, and create a body and life they love. Above all, Liz is a true entrepreneur, creator, and futurist. She’s a passionate healer, spiritual teacher and science trained health and fitness expert as well as one hell of an athlete herself; showing people how they can be fit, healthy and happy at any age.
Liz is a multi-business founder and owner as well as creator of multiple online transformational programs. Liz’s extensive work and research on human behavior, psychology, the body, change, love, relationships, and breaking free from self-limiting habits is brought to light in her top ranked podcast called figureFIT! Lifestyle Coaching podcast and in her short YouTube videos, offering “inspiring epiphanies” exploring body & nutrition mastery, spirituality, change, neuroscience, psychology, and metaphysics for the conscious creators of the world.

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